Unlike any other

Combining luxury and philanthropy, Iniala brings a refreshing and opulent experience to tired Phuket.
By epicure
Published on Monday, 30 Jun 2014

While Iniala offers activities such as elephantriding, deep sea fishing and forest walks to its guests, a stay here is intended to be as self-contained as possible, with a library, art gallery featuring renowned Southeast Asian artists, and a gym offering Muay Thai and personal training sessions in addition to the usual weights and cardio equipment. Each three-bedroom villa is also a mini resort unto itself, with an indoor and outdoor dining area, private pool and devoted spa facility with resident therapists. Iniala even offers a standalone Kids’ Hotel, a hotel in the truest sense with actual beds, as well as three minders around the clock, a devoted kitchen with a chef, and cupboards full of toys and costumes.

Excerpt from the July 2014 issue of epicure.