February's Highlights

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we caught up with five F&B couples on the restaurants they love visiting when abroad.
Maxence Dulou of Ao Yun is making wine above the clouds in Shangri-la, one of the globe's highest wine regions. June Lee gets up close with the singular red that wants to be not just the best from China, but in the world.
With so many stellar pâtisseries in France, it’s impossible to visit them all. Pastry chef Sae Takagi rounds up her top picks, which span from a Franco-Japanese boutique in Paris to the original macaron purveyor in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.
What are the odds of marrying someone with a completely different palate? And how do such couples compromise when it comes to dining out?
Mandarin Orchard’s executive pastry chef Winnie Goh shares four recipes that get their delicate textures from egg whites.


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Delicate, yielding custard beneath a thin sheet of shatteringly crisp torched sugar topping… add to that the sweet scent of vanilla beans and toasty notes of burnt sugar crystals, and that just about sums up the definition of a sublime crème brûlée in our books. The origins of crème brûlée aren’t clear. Some reports point to Trinity College in Cambridge, England, as the birthplace of the dessert (known as burnt cream) and claims that it first came about after the college crest was burnt into sugar on top of a custard with a hot iron. Over in France, the first recorded recipes for the French version were discovered during the 17th century, while crema catalana, the Spanish variation, was found a century later. History aside, what’s important for the enjoyment of a classic crème brulée is that the texture of the custard must not bring to mind curdled eggs, the torched sugar topping not too thick that it takes effort to crack with the back of a spoon, and the ramekin should be wide and shallow (not narrow and deep) as a bigger surface area means more of that delicious caramelised topping to break into.
Our team goes undercover to suss out the latest and most talked about restaurants in town
Our picks Our picks of the latest festive eats. The diet can wait.

Wine & Drinks

Wines, spirits and the people who make them…
Versatile, complex and long-lived dessert wines take their rightful place at the dinner table, together with this season’s festive plates. A toast to all this sumptuousness.
Fine Italian wines never go out of style, whether it’s an exciting new natural wine from Sicily or a blockbuster Brunello with all the right moves.
Quaich Bar has opened a second branch at South Beach, which boasts features such as the backlit “whisky light” bar to showcase its bottles.

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The latest hotspots and destination reports
From boho hipster 24-hour cafés to time-honoured ice-cream parlours cum cafeterias, Nga Hoang cracks open Ho Chi Minh City’s little black book of hip spots for those in the know.
Crowds are not a bother with these new luxury escapes.
Fully immerse in his work, renowned environmental artist Ned Kahn shares with Katie Boon the travel destinations that inspire him, including a yearly meditation retreat to clear his mind.