May's Highlights

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Eight epicure guests were hosted at Capella Singapore’s new private dining venue Chef’s Table, where executive chef David Senia whipped up smoky corn stew, stacked sandwiches, and 'cigar' pastry rolls.
As a dedicated mother and gourmet cook, she has warmed your heart and tummy with some unforgettable meals. Return the love with thoughtful presents to appeal to the foodie in her.
It’s a glorious time to be an aspiring foodie in the iconic Australian city, with its revitalised dining destinations. Welcome to the new culinary capital of Oz.
Chef de cusine Ryohei Hieda on his spring menu at Shoun RyuGin in Taiwan.


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Splitting hairs over where to bring your mum for a scrumptious meal? We’ve dished up a list of restaurants to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Pla neung manao, otherwise known as steamed fish with lime, is a must-have on the dining table at any Thai restaurant. Immersed in a sapid and potent sauce of chilli, lemongrass, lime slices, coriander, and garlic cloves, the fish (typically tilapia, sea bass, grouper or snapper) is scaled, scored and heated, then served over a portable furnace in a fish shaped dish. Its flesh should flake off the bones and melt in your mouth, and be accompanied by the spicy and tangy citrus flavours of the sauce.
... and the World Gourmet Summit shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve got the news on top toque dinners, a street party, and a twoday ‘Gourmet Jam Session’.

Wine & Drinks

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Seth Blagden, general manager of Morton’s Singapore, proposes a luxurious match of chocolate lava cake and Chocolate Martini for Mother’s Day.
Check out what’s new on the menu from these three places.
Bar manager Mohd Irwan of Studio 1939 dangles the carrot in the quest for a healthy brunch wake-me-up.

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Rather than depending on ‘Best Of’ lists, Anthony Yeoh prefers to explore a country through its locals. He taps on his Thai cousins’ insider knowledge of Bangkok to track down old-school eats such as cold crab salad and beef noodles.
From majestic ancient ruins to hole-in-the-wall eateries, Myanmar offers an inimitable charm that eludes other Asian countries.
There’s no better way to make sense of Mexico’s Europe-influenced Mesoamerican cuisine than by visiting the colourful capital city. Jason Jones navigates the bustling streets to find both fine dining and casual fare, and also flies to Guadalajara to take a lesson in tequila-distilling.